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Car Wash Innovation – About Us

The team at Car Wash Innovation builds on 10-years experience building car wash structures and 30-years of experience designing and fabricating aesthetically pleasing and durable structures for parks and recreation. The result is the highest quality car wash building in the industry, with great visuals combined with quick and easy construction.

We offer several innovative car wash models which are available in a variety of lengths as tunnel washes. All of the car wash building models feature a strong tube steel and powder coated frame which simply bolt together with completely hidden connections. These include a pre-cut 24 gauge steel roof that screws directly to the frame. A wide variety of standard powder coat colors are available along with several roof profiles and colors to create or compliment architectural styles. We partner with your team and provide you with truly distinctive solutions for your car wash needs!

These car wash building products are based upon our existing shade structure designs of which we have built literally thousands of different models in a wide variety of sizes, many with custom features. Car Wash Innovation is a trade name owned and operated by Innovative Structures LLC which has been manufacturing car wash buildings for over 10 years. It is a division of Classic Recreation Systems, Inc. which has been a dominant manufacturer in the parks and recreation field for 30 years – designing and fabricating aesthetically pleasing and durable structures.

The People At Car Wash Innovation 

It’s not only buildings that Car Wash Innovation builds, it’s the community of the entire company. The nice folks that cut your posts, weld your brackets, process your orders and address your concerns are well qualified to make sure you are satisfied with your dealings with us. We’ve been in the business a while now, and we’ve been growing like crazy!

Must be because we’re making a lot of customers happy.

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A Little History

A little history about Classic Recreation and the Car Wash Innovation division… Newell Roundy, President of Classic Recreation, was a landscape architect in the Phoenix area back in 1989. In those years, he often remarked about the lack of prefabricated steel shade shelters whose proportions, details and designs were of the quality that he wanted to use in the numerous projects he was working on. Newell teamed with Jack Cahill his partner, who was raised in the steel manufacturing business, and had the same dream of creating the finest quality, long lasting, shade structures with new and innovative designs and connections. That partnership created Classic Recreation and for the past 16 years the company has been the industry leader in design, fabrication, and innovative connections. We were the first to design hidden connections where you can not see bolts, now all of our competitors are following our lead not only in fabrication and erection but also in design. The main goal for both Newell and Jack was not to be the biggest in the industry – but to be the best.

When looking for a prefabricated steel car wash building – there are several points to consider.

  • Design: Is the design aesthetically pleasing ? Do the columns, eave height, roof pitch give the structure a pleasing look? Is it to scale or proportional?
  • Installation: Is the structure easy to install? Are the install instructions easy to understand ? Are the frame and roof members easily identified and the connections easily accessible ? Are the roof sections cut precisely and do they install quickly? All trim pieces properly packed and protected and easy to attach?
  • Durability: Is the structure engineered for the loading and wind conditions for the area in which it is to be installed, our standard is 30 pound live load and 100 mile per hour wind. However in Florida where we engineer for 150 mph wind, we have never lost a structure through all the hurricanes.
  • Vandal resistance: We can coat frame members with anti graffiti coating to prevent “Taggers” from ruining the frame finish. All steel structures are fire resistant and have hidden connections so vandals can’t disassemble the structure.
  • Low Maintenance: By using all steel structures, maintenance is significantly reduced saving the owner long term O & M costs
  • We have been, and continue to be, the leader in pre fabricated steel structures, recognized world wide.

Thank you for your interest in information about Car Wash Innovation.